Hic sunt Crema (There Be Crema Here: The Coffee Press and You)

French coffee press


They say crema is achievable mostly with espresso. They say “the Guinness effect” requires a barista, twelve years of training with an Italian nun specializing in Old World coffee blends, possibly some gold-coated coffee beans.

They are wrong. So very, very wrong.

Grab yourself a piston press: also known as a French press or a coffee press (turns out, they’re probably Italian). Add coffee. Add hot water. Let it steep four minutes. Press the plunger. And pour.

Oh, my. Is that…the elusive crema?

Well, if it ain’t, then it’s crema’s evil twin. And it took, wait for it, zero effort.

We here at Amos (a wonderful digital magazine, tell your friends!) have owned a French-Italian-piston-coffee press for a couple years but it took the breakdown of our Keurig to make us shake off the intimidation factor (coffee presses are so fancy! Little ole us couldn’t possibly…) and pull it down from the “dishes that look good so are there for display” shelf and…

Make the perfect cup of joe. With crema. No Italian nuns or baristas or gold-coated beans required.

Our favorite grounds are Green Mountain’s Dark Magic or Starbucks Verona or Espresso. But this darned coffee press can make the store brand roast sing. And its 8-cup capacity makes a heck of a single serving. You can make more. And it’ll have crema, too.

Don’t be intimidated by its fanciness, Internets. If you like coffee, you need this. Now. ($9.99 up to $40.00, depending where you buy it and how elegant a model you choose. Up to you, but you can ditch the Keurig and the Mr. Coffee now. This little manual model is the berries. The berries, we say.)



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