Letter From the Fringe

By Leonard Pigg

My friends and I play a game with the world. It’s not unlike a bait-and-switch. We try to do as much good as possible, while attempting to look like we’re not doing anything. We move, while others shake. We are the secret legends that perform what needs to be done; men without fear seeking others without peer. Enigmatic beings that attempt to change the world from the inside out, regardless of whatever group is in power. There are no political parties, no religious cabal amongst us. We are the divine beasts, nudging mankind toward greater things. There is power in anonymity. Masquerading as brooding warrior poets and students, our purpose is beyond common understanding. Some can see through our charade, but others are frightened. This is fine, because we don’t do this for accolades or fame. We do what we do because we are the few that are actually qualified to do it. We have embraced our inner child and have taught him true magic. Power perceived is power achieved, so why haven’t you embraced yours yet? We believe that most anyone else will either sit idly by, or screw everything up beyond all recognition. Apathy is despicable. Its not unlike sitting in traffic and not caring whether you get hit or not. Complacency is the man who finds a $20 bill on the ground and complains that its too wrinkled and dirty, but still puts it in his pocket. I challenge you the reader, to take up the fight against the status quo. Abandon your normalcy in the pursuit of a higher level of thinking. Good and evil are relatives that cannot function without the other. Siamese twins, sharing the same heart. Question yourself and others, for once in your life. Understand that it only takes one pebble to start a landslide. Even flies have a bite. Flip a coin, make a choice. Scream out the window in the middle of the day. Make your own political sign endorsing a cartoon character for president. Go to church dressed like a superhero. Quit smoking pot. Start drinking hard liquor. Exercise on your porch in the nude. Just do something different, for once. I’m waiting for you, my friend.

Don’t doubt yourself, that’s the rest of the world’s job…


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