Eleven Winter Guard Shows We Love

Just eleven winter guard shows we love. They are in no specific order; there were others we wanted to add to make a mega post but we couldn’t find the videos (Greenwood H.S. “Acquainted with the Night,” Center Grove H.S. “Jerusalem/Sinead o’Connor“, and North Putnam “Black and White: [Emerson Suite?]” all from 1992; Northmont H.S. “The Wall”)

If you love guard/winter guard, please support Winter Guard International. You can also donate directly to programs you love and/or that are near you. You can also talk to dance schools in your area and contribute funds to lower the cost of some classes. If nothing else, just get to a show: your ticket and concessions help pageantry exist.

What shows should we add to the next winter guard post? (Please submit your favorite and if we can find video, we’ll include it in a similar post.)

We hope you enjoy:

1.) Sybil, 1995, Bishop Kearney


2.) Jackson Pollock (New Era Dance: Aaron Jay Kernis), 1996, Bishop Kearney


3.) Gloria/Baroque, 1994, San Jose Raiders


4.) Alcatraz, 1997, Pride of Cincinnati


5.) Summer Days (Summer Time), 1996, Blue Devils


6.) Cold, 1996 North Putnam


7.) New Era Dance, 1996, Center Grove


8.) Let the Rain Wash Away the Pain of Yesterday, 2019, Mililani


9.) Ode to Joy, 1997, Center Grove


10.) What the Dormouse Said, 1997, Blue Devils


11.) The Forgotten Circus, 2018, Avon

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