KHS is site of toga comedy

By Michelle Railey, Kokomo Tribune teen writer

7 May 1990

Toga Toga Toga

Introducing the first high school fraternity, complete with fraternity house and toga parties…

Toga parties? What high school would allow such a thing and what fraternity? Why, Kennel High and Alpha Beta.

It all becomes reality Thursday and Friday at 7 pm at Kokomo High School downtown campus auditorium, when the drama club performs Tim Kelly’Toga, Toga, Toga.

A very decidedly campy comedy, Toga, Toga, Toga, revolves around Alpha Beta house and the students involved with it. 

Of course, this fraternity has several “little” problems to make things interesting. The school administrators don’t approve and the house is a broken down old home. The payments are too much for the students so renting rooms becomes necessary.

What more could go wrong:  a rival fraternity, onsPhi Zeta Tau, and a neighbor who isn’t quite as friendly as Mr. Rogers. Other than that, the only other problems arise from criminals, kangaroos, health inspectors, and police. 

Doesn’t sound like too much for a group of friendly kids to handle, at least not these kids. George Brewster (played by Bill Baker), the president of AB and legal owner of the house, tries to remain in control of the situation and is an all-around nice guy. The other members of Alpha Beta are Curt (Matt Kodrea), Fred (Travis Russ), Alex (Bobby Kodrea), and Vegetable (Monica Dempsey).

Into this mix, add the three girls: Nora (Amy Brewster), Myrtle (Sherri Kearnes), and Velma (Michelle Railey). They’re the fraternity’s friends who try to help them.

Members of the opposing frat, Phi Zeta Tau, and company are Murdock (Paul Daily), Murray (Josh Campbell), and Melissa (Sarah Cotner). Murdock is president of Phi Zeta Tau and Murray is his aide. Melissa is beautiful but snobbish and will do anything to become homecoming queen (including taking orders from Murdoch).

In addition to all the fraternity rivalry, there are the roomers living at the fraternity house to consider. A phony gypsy, Madame Stella (Elizabeth Ferries), has a fortune-telling parlor in the basement of AB house. Mrs. Smith (Jessica Welsh), a somewhat rude person, has a thing for money. There’s a rock band which makes its presence known at unfortunate times. And last, but not least, there’s Slugger (Aimée Roberts), who is a female boxer.

Rounding out the cast are Miss Butterworth (Kari Trobaugh), a faculty advisor and Miss Woebegone (Dana Whikehart), hallowed principal of Kennel High, a very troubled client of Madame Stella’s (Candi Stewart), the obnoxious neighbor known as Mrs. Moontrap (Holly Schuck), private secretary Miss Peachy (Heather Zeis), health inspector Gloria Ketchum (Becky Boardman), and policewoman O’Hara (Debbie Smith).

Pat Brandon is the director of this production. Mike Meachem and John Brown also contribute to the show. 

Want to produce this quirky little drama? Please visit Pioneer Drama for more info.

Michelle Railey, 1989-1990


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