Life’s a TRip, Episode Seven

By Ojijaak





I am going to treat you to something unusual in today’s world:  I am going to admit that I have misled you. While my lie was unintentional, it remains an untruth. We will not be departing westbound on July 6 as planned.

On Thursday, June 27, I visited Macy’s Garage to have a look at Polly. Of course, she is beautiful. Yellow, but beautiful. She is also not yet complete, and thus, will not join us in Indianapolis for Independence Day observations – neither mine on July 2, nor the nation’s on July 4.

Instead, I am a resident in various hotels in Indiana and Ohio. Not to worry, I will not bore readers with the mundane details of a tramp’s life like the quality or not of the “free” breakfasts. I thought that it might be polite to inform you of the delay in case you have to re-schedule your vacation for the TRip.

The upside is the extra time that I can spend with friends and family. That part has been most pleasant so far. I would also count it a plus that I am not driving in a small open car with no cold air. You see, in His infinite wisdom, God has blessed the Midwest with hot summer days just as I arrived here in the cornfield. There was no Spring here, just endless rain and then, late last week, heat and humidity. Perhaps the weather will moderate before we leave.

The downside for me is the bite that has been and will continue to be taken from the travel budget. These hotel nights and restaurant meals are those that would have been spent on the TRip. We are not yet quite at the point of shortening our journey, but that possibility must be considered. As I learn more, I will advise all of you of the new departure date. In the meantime, I am likely to make my Kansas pilgrimage in a rental car and return to Indiana or Ohio to await Polly – and you.

The Hood. Looking shiny.


The rant:  I was unaware that K-Mart had blue light specials on Operator’s Licenses. It must have been Wal-Mart or even Dollar Store. Where in hell did you people learn to drive?

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