Immaterial Man

By Leonard Pigg

The world doesn’t care for innocence or guilt
Nor does it cherish devotion or emotion
Speculation and rumor are the scripture of the day
Stand apart from the doldrums
The contents of the bottle slide down the gullet
Yet the feeling of emptiness still remains
The sideshow lights and music distract all others
I’m watching the crowd react instead
I literally don’t know how to act otherwise
So I mimic their actions and reactions
Hoping to extract some vicarious joy
Despite my best efforts, it never comes to me
I am a tourist, never assimilating properly
Translations are slightly askew,
but enough to get by
Love means something different here
Something akin to pain, in some instances
The drink makes me numb, makes me invulnerable
At least until it wears off
By then, I can adjust to the pain
If suffering is good for the soul
I should be a Buddha by now

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