Waste of Kokomo: First Church of Cannabis, the Potcast

By Waste of Kokomo podcast. Creators and contributors: Brian Blunt, Wendy Browning, Kelly Malinowski, Leonard Pigg, Jimmy Shaw, and Jared Summers

In July, 2019, Bill Levin, the “grand poobah” of Indianapolis’ First Church of Cannabis, announced he would be running for governor of Indiana as a Libertarian. This episode of Waste of Kokomo is a repeat: the second half features an interview with Bill Levin.

The first half of the program features Angie Ciski, speaking on behalf of Jackson Street Commons, a shelter and home for veterans and the homeless in Kokomo.

Relevant links and additional information follow the program. Please enjoy.

It’s a long one. First half: Kokomo and Jackson Street Commons. Second half: Bill Levin.
Bill Levin. Photo modified from one originally by Merry Jane.

Links and Additional Information

Kelly Malinowski: The Cellar in Kokomo. (Facebook).

Jackson Street Commons provides permanent supportive housing for veterans in Kokomo, Indiana. You can find them on Facebook, at Family Service Association of Howard County, Inc (website), and you can donate to this excellent cause via the fsahc.org website or the Amazon Smile program.

Bill Levin has announced his candidacy for the Libertarian party’s nomination for Indiana governor. The incumbent is Republican Eric Holcomb. The sole candidate at present for the Democratic nomination is Woody Myers.

Bill Levin is the “Grand Poobah” of the First Church of Cannabis in Indianapolis. (Facebook page for the church; and on Wikipedia).

You can find Bill Levin on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

For stories about Levin’s candidacy for governor: see Indy Star, the Indy Channel, Indy Politics, High Times, Wikileaf, and The Hill, among other sources.

To date, Mr. Levin does not appear to have an official campaign site or social media accounts for his campaign.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana’s website can be found here.

Waste of Kokomo, the podcast can be found and supported on Facebook.

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