Stroller Control

By Nate Johnson

When I first started with Disney, I was assigned to stroller control. It can be a pretty thankless job. You need to keep the walkways open. It was my first week of work and I was pretty green. Here’s what I learned:

  • Initiate talking- I can have a hard time being assertive. I feel uncomfortable in those situations. One common instance was when strollers were not in the designated areas. Then I would have to move the stroller. The guest would come back and say “Where’s my stroller?”. The better way was to let the guest know where they could park their stroller. They would then know where it was after their attraction.
  • Know the area- My first shift was awkward. I forgot where even the bathroom and drinking fountains were. So I kept a map with me. This allowed me not only help give directions but show the guests the park.
  • Ask questions- When I met my coworkers, I learned to ask questions about parts of Tomorrowland. Not only did this help me know the area better, but I also got to know some cool people too.
  • Stay humbled- Whenever I thought “I know this area like the back of my hand” or “I’m the man!” a situation or question would come up that I never had before. The key for me was to come into each shift eager to learn and eventually teach others the ropes.
  • Give high-fives- Some days there wouldn’t be that many strollers. What to do? Give high-fives of course! It can be those quick interactions that can make a guest’s day.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even simple tasks can yield good lessons to apply later in careers.

Link: Rules for Using Strollers at Walt Disney World Resorts and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Link: Rent a Stroller at Walt Disney World Resorts

Link: Official site for Jobs and Careers with the Walt Disney Company

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