In Loving Remembrance

By Brian Blunt

In Loving Remembrance of My Daughter

Brenda Michelle Blunt

October 10, 1991 – July 4, 1992

As I walked into the doorway
there she proudly stood
lovely happy and smiling
she looked so very good
dressed all in white clothes
from her head to her feet
I smiled in her direction
because she looked so sweet

seems like many years ago
I had known her quite well
life for me without her here
has been somewhat like hell

As I walked toward her
with my heart full of grace
I knew then that she knew me
by the look upon her face

You're not supposed to be here
it isn't time she exclaimed
but then she hugged and kissed me
and called me by my name

Only a few moments
had we strolled and we talked
when we were interrupted
by the ringing of the clock

and as I drifted outward
of this dream as I awoke
I listened very carefully
to the words that she spoke

Jesus takes good care of me
daddy don't you fear
I will wait for the day
when you and mommy
will be here

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