Curtain Call Theatre for Children Presents “Pegora, the Witch”

October, 1988

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Director’s Notes by Pat Brandon

Halloween need not be a time of superstition and spooky fears. It can just as easily be a time for fun and delight. Such an opportunity is our rendition of Pegora, the Witch. The age-old contest between good and evil is confronted with amusement. Conflicting philosophies are smiled and scoffed at in turn, and a triumph of joy is experienced by all (well…except for the girls in black!). If all that is a bit too deep, just enjoy the crazy antics of the children and adults onstage. And if you, too, have a compassionate heart like Pegora, nurture it. The world will be a better place. 

ProgramCurtain Call (Kokomo) Program Fall 1988


Review: “Wishy-washy witches are on the loose”

By Ken Ford, Kokomo Tribune, 28 October 1988

Witches will be on the loose this weekend at the downtown auditorium of Kokomo High School. If they are the scariest creatures you run into this Halloween season, you will have quite a pleasant experience.

Pegora, the witch (Linda Maugans) “is not witching enough,” as she says in the Curtain Call production of Pegora, the Witch. The children’s theatre show opens at 7 tonight and will be given again at 2 and 7 p.m. Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Wednesday’s dress rehearsal showed how demanding it is to be a “first-class witch.” 

Mother Martacloy (Barb Shelby) and her attendants gave Pegora (“a miserable misfit”) one last opportunity to prove her witchcraft. Within a week, she had to capture the seven daughters of King August (Joe Genovese) and Queen June (Susan Richey).

Although the queen experienced a dream of dire events in the castle and was so upset she “juiced the eggs” and “cooked the oranges,” the king assured her their daughters were well protected. 

Court jester (Mark Genovese) boosted spirits with songs and jokes– and pratfalls.

But after Princess Monday (Beth Gardner) was kidnapped, the king summoned Thopplebrock (or chocolate drop, or something; the king never could say it correctly). But the mathematician Thropplebrock (Travis Russ), although he proved mathematically there were no witches, could not protect Princess Tuesday (Michelle Railey).

The Three Wizards (Jennie Cunningham, Dionne Grady, and Amy Garrett) were summoned to help the Palace Guards (Sherry Kearnes and Jennifer Taylor) but the other princesses, Wednesday (Sasha Easterwood), Thursday ( Danielle Foland), Friday (Jennifer Cox), and Saturday (Jennifer Johnson) were powerless and easily came under the magic spell of Pegora. 

Only Princess Sunday (Amy Ward) remained and Pegora was certain she also captured “Sunday” – although “Sunday’s” appearance was a little strange. 

Pegora even received her first-class witch’s badge from witch attendants Sue Forkner, Susan Warm, Kim Burns, Misty Hudson, Jodi Ploss, and Heather Railey, when they found out a joke had been played on them. 

Pat Brandon is director of the one-hour Halloween show, quite suitable for all family members. Tickets cost $3 for adults and $2 for children less than age 12.


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