10 Essential Reads for Staging a House for Sale

By Patrick Murphy

Whether you’re selling a well-loved home, a rehab, or an inherited mess, you’re going to want to consider how you present the property.

Enter, staging: the process of furnishing, cleaning, removing, and assessing your property and enhancing it to appeal to, well, everyone. 

Here are ten concise and well-considered reads that provide all the tips you need for selling quickly, even if you still live in the house. And not one of them mentions baking cookies. (But that does actually work, too. So, bake some cookies on open house day. Or a pot roast. Anything that smells like home.)

1.) HGTV:  “15 Secrets of Home Staging”

2.) Zillow: “How to Stage a House to Sell”

3.) The Spruce: “How to Stage Your Home for Free”

4.) The Spruce: “Staging Your Home to Sell While Still Living in It”

5.) The Close:  “17 Deal-Killing Home Staging Mistakes Even Experienced Realtors Make”

6.) Forbes: “Five Pro Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale This Year”

7.) Houzz: “Sell Your Home Fast: 21 Staging Tips”

8.) Bob Vila: “14 Cardinal Sins of Staging Your Home to Sell”

9.) The New York Times: “It’s Showtime! Staging a House for Sale”

10.) Apartment Therapy: “7 Free (or Super Cheap) Ways to Stage Your Home”

Realtor: Greenwood and South Indianapolis

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