Review: Disney’s California Adventure

By Nate Johnson

Disneyland is a dream destination. It’s Walt Disney’s first park and it’s in Southern California, what could be better? There’s a second park right next to Disneyland. It’s called California Adventure. Of the eleven Disney Parks I’ve been to, I find California Adventure to be a hidden gem.

Disney’s California Adventure divides into many areas. Each area is from one of Disney’s famous film franchises.

Walking in, you go into Buena Vista Street. There you can experience Hollywood as Walt would have seen it. Back when he stepped off the train with a suitcase and a dream.

The first area I streamline to is Cars Land. There you will find Radiator Springs Racers. You ride along with one of the characters of Cars. The ride ends with a thrilling race against another car full of guests. After that thrilling ride, I like to grab a churro at the Cozy Cone Motel. There are also many types of popcorn and other quick snacks to make the most of your Disney day.

After that, I have fun at the new renovated Pixar Pier. There you can experience Mickey’s Fun Wheel and get a view of the whole park. My personal favorite attraction is Toy Story Midway Mania. There you go against your friends in interactive target practice. You’ll earn bragging rights with Woody and Buzz.

The newest stand-alone attraction is Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout! There you can join Rocket and help rescue some of your favorite heroes in this up and down adventure.

Mission: Breakout!

If you need a break from the rides, you can see one of the stage shows. If you’re a fan of Frozen you can “Let it Go” and see your favorite characters at the Hyperion. Also, you can meet some of your favorites like Groot, Woody & Buzz, Elsa, and more. The characters are sprinkled throughout the park.

If you’re looking for travel and adventure, Grizzly Peak is there for you. You can travel the world on Soarin’ Around the World or venture to get wet on Grizzly River Run. There’s also the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. Children of all ages can play and take a break from all the sights and sounds from the park.

When your tummy gets hungry for a meal, the Pacific Wharf has something for everyone. Whether you like eating Mexican, Asian, or a bread bowl from the bakery, everyone can get what they want. Plus, for dessert, get a free piece of chocolate at Ghirardelli.

As the day winds down, enjoy the nighttime water show. There you can experience the magic with lights and sounds. See your favorite Disney friends too. It’s a wonderful show over the pier that everyone will enjoy.

Disney is adding new attractions and entertainment options so no two visits are the same. Coming soon is Marvel Land. There you can experience all your superhero needs. You’ll see Iron Man, Spider-Man, and more. Who knows what kind of cool rides Disney will come up with next.

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