Ten Things About Bar Louie, Greenwood Park Mall (Review by Number)

1.) Excellent service. Full stop. So Good.

2.) Martini specials on weeknights. Martinis, according to Excellent Service, are a specialty of Bar Louie. Also, Excellent Service gave Amosmag.com an entire list of specials but amosmag.com lost them because…Excellent Service.

3.) Ladies Restrooms: excellently clean with the best scent ever. At first we thought it was pure Ivory soap but frankly, upon further sniffing, we’re just going to say it’s flippin’ lovely. Big points for the clean bathroom.

4.) Open Late. Until 2 AM on weeknights, including Sunday. This is huge in Johnson County. BUT, Excellent Service says they may be shorting the hours beginning in January 2020. So, make the most of late hours while you can.

5.) Incredible selection of craft beer on tap plus a full bar. Whatever you want, they can probably make it.

6.) The decor is not Indiana. Not that “Hoosier” is a bad aesthetic, but Bar Louie has booths reminiscent of Old Hollywood and an overall aesthetic that is Las Vegas (Cromwell Lite). If you’re looking for a mini-vacay, you could do worse than hanging at Bar Louie, even if it is at a mall.

7.) On Game Days throughout football season, there are several specials ongoing: $3.50 beers, $4.50 wine, and $9.00 nachos. Monday, Thursday, Sunday.

8.) All day on Saturday and Sunday…$2.00 Mimosas. That’s all we’re going to say about that.

9.) Bar Louie is owned by Sun Capital Partners, which also owns Smokey Bones, Friendly’s, Johnny Rockets, and Boston Market. Additionally, other sister properties include Restaurants Unlimited properties Palomino and Kincaid’s.

10.) Not for nothing, but we asked the employees we saw about their work experience. Everyone (three people) was very positive. So, that’s something.

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