By Leonard Pigg

She portrays a facade of quirky innocence
A geeky gal pal that professes to be there 
Family oriented in public, faith on display
Broken home in private, faithless and wretched
Behind closed doors, she harbors deep hatred
Cutting herself, powerless to change her environment
Abusive to the young, her home is a psycho factory
Her actions spur the youth to irrational actions
She lashes out at those that care, knowing they won't cross a line
Mood swings and emotional distance are the pendulum of her existence
On some level, she wants to be punished, purged
Venomous words, gossip, hearsay and lies are her language
Ascribing falsehoods to those around her
Duping people into caring about her 
Whatever it takes for instant gratification
Drink, smoke, snort, shoot, screw, repeat
Condemning her own lifestyle, while continually embracing it
Taking lovers in order to fill the void in her heart and loins
Man, woman and beast give her pleasure
She spurs them on with false love and half-hearted devotion
Inciting disdain and jealousy in her wake
The wicked don't always display themselves openly
Until they project their neuroses onto you

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