Waste of Kokomo Podcast: We Waste You a Merry Christmas

By Brian Blunt, Chiquita Blunt, Leonard Pigg, and Jimmy Shaw

This podcast may include some adult language or themes. Please don’t play it for toddlers.

Today’s guests are: Leanne, Michelle Railey, Jason Skaggs, Troy Sparks, and Dave Willis.

Recorded live at the Kokomo chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Beta Nu at 2401 Saratoga Avenue, Kokomo, Indiana, 46902.

Listen to or download the podcast here.

More information and Related links:

The Barn, Burlington, Indiana

Blind Tiger Open Mic Comedy Night at Bert and John’s Tavern (Kokomo, Indiana)

Blues Jam at the Phi (Kokomo)

Dusty in the Wind, a Waste of Kokomo podcast

Fun fact. The origin of the name “Waste of Kokomo” is actually a play on the name of the annual event “Taste of Kokomo.

Michelle Railey is not a used car salesman. You can find her at amosmag.com; on Twitter as @myrailey or by the Amos handles on Twitter @amosmagdotcom or on Instagram @amosmagdotcom. You can email her at myrailey@gmail.com or at amosmagdotcom@gmail.com.

Roadkill the Clown

Rockers for Knockers, Kokomo, Indiana

Jason Skaggs appears courtesy of the Jason Skaggs Band.

Troy Sparks, VP of the Phi. On Facebook.

Sock hat for a bun, aka Yarmulke for Hare Krishna aka “messy bun hat”: these are woolen beanies with a hole cut out for a topknot/messy bun/ponytail.

Tipton County Pork Festival

Who’s Yer Coustic

David Willis appears courtesy of his band, Money $hot Tucker. You can check out more from Money $hot Tucker on Instagram and Facebook.

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