Losing Time

By Leonard Pigg

She's a coward and always needs somebody else. 

Preferring co-dependence to independence, clinging to the nearest for help. 

The dullard would rather seduce his own hand. 

He's a coward too, since he can't express himself. 

He only wants her because his mother is already spoken for. 

Now he has to settle for a little whore. 

You give it away and risk it all, ignorant enough to think you won't fall. 

Ignoring the sounding trumpet of judgment call. 

Remember the pleasure of ignorance, since the truth is in line next to dance. 

You've blown it all, so just take a chance. 

Pull the trigger twice, since you'll probably screw it up the first time. 

There's nothing left to blow away, but what's left of your mind. 

I sit in silence, trying to decided what to do with you. 

I want to hate you, but also feel pity too. 

There are some gaps in my childhood that had your face. 

It doesn't make a difference, you're just an empty place. 

No light. 

Nothing inside. 

Vacant of any semblance of life. 

I'm not perfect, but I know what love really is. 

You take life for granted, like an unwanted gift.

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