Big Baby Babylon

By Leonard Pigg


Look at the spectacle that I have become

I was the monster from which villagers run

Suddenly I am invisible when you come

You proved far worse in the long run

Despite your looks, you drag them in with your hooks

You were the true villain in everyone’s books

I am the silent minority that made noise

If I could do anything, I’d undo your every choice

Because I know you never make the right one

My life is a paradox, everyday I’m undone

You’re the world’s greatest liar, an idiot savant

A petulant child, with no idea of want

The creature of impulse without a soul

Searching for anyone to fill that hole

Stuff yourself with a strangers form

Anyone in the bed to keep you warm

Summon the man, embrace the woman

Lie with the beast, just get a piece

Drink the concoction to lose inhibition

Get drunk and do what you’re wishing

Pop pills to enhance your night

Don’t overdose, balance it just right

Forget tomorrow, like you always do

The love between your legs is the only one that’s true


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