Box 5 Podcast: Episode Four

By Matt Rivera

Today’s episode is a look at the history of the marching arts, specifically the work of George Zingali.

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Show Notes and Links:

27th Lancers 1980 (Full Show)

27th Lancers’ Olympic Triumph

Amos: Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, YouTube

Cadets 1985 (Semi-finals Full Show)

The Cadets: Garfield Cadets to Cadets of Bergen County to The Cadets.

DCI Hall of Fame: George Zingali

George Zingali Tribute (Digital Marching FX)

Remembering George Zingali (Reddit)

Star of Indiana 1990 (Ending)

Star of Indiana 1990 (Full Show)

Music Clearance:

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“Blue Ska” by Kevin MacLeod (

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