Wildly Optimistic

A poem by Leonard Pigg III


She suffered from pronoia

Everyone was her friend, they just didn’t know it yet

If you stood still, she would give you too much information

How many times her kids use the restroom, what her boyfriend does to her

Enough information to turn the most voyeuristic people away

There was a man she saw, who showed her kindness

The same kindness he shows to everyone at his job

Taking it as a sign from above, she declares her undying love

The kind man is confused, then she makes her advances

Thinking it a joke, he laughs at first

Until he really looks into her eyes and sees how sick she is

He calls security, who escort her out of the building

They tell her not to come back

She thinks he’s playing hard to get


A few weeks later, she’s at the bar

All the drunk boys show her attention

She is the queen of the universe and revels in it

Bragging about how she can’t have any more kids

The wolves begin to circle around her

Picking the cleaner of the group, she goes to the hotel

A night of passion and she declares her undying love before falling asleep

She wakes the next morning, alone

Returning to the bar, he ignores her and she seeks other companionship

Many are willing to accommodate in the world of instant gratification

She finds another willing to give her the attention she desires

Another fling later, she is jilted once again

“Something must be wrong with them,” is the mantra that keeps her going


Meanwhile, who’s watching the children now

They are crying in their beds, asking when Mommy will come back

The rest of the family rages at her irresponsibility

Threatening to turn her in to the authorities

Grudgingly she comes home and resumes her parental duties

She makes her monthly calls to the men she sired children with

Demanding support before she has to take them to court

They trickle her some money, if she can track them down

Sometimes even offering a fling for old times sake

She takes what she can get, because everyone loves her


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