Ranking the Disney Plus Original Movies

By Nate Johnson

This past November, Disney launched its own direct to consumer streaming service. Along with Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and the famed “Disney Vault”, Disney is also adding original content for the streaming service. Like all others, original content entices viewers to continue to watch and keep their service.

To date, Disney has five original movies. Here is my ranking of them and why.

1- Noelle

Noelle was a funny holiday movie starring Anna Kendrick. I enjoyed the Christmas theme and the message delivered at the end. The jokes were funny and the movie will become one to watch each holiday season.


This movie took me a while to digest and understand. Togo is the story of a dog who helped bring medicine to a remote Alaskan town. The way the main actor and Togo worked together moved me. Based on a true story, Togo was a dash of fun.

3-Star Girl

Based on a YA novel, Star Girl is a story of a teenage boy who is awestruck by the new girl, Star Girl. A movie about fitting in, standing out, and being who you are, Star Girl has a timeless message.

4-Lady and the Tramp

Another one of Disney’s live-action remakes, Disney did a solid job. I enjoyed the movie so much that I went back to watch the original afterward. Tessa Thompson voices Lady and the Italian dinner scene was spot on!

5-Timmy Failure: Mistake were Made

I did not enjoy this movie. The jokes didn’t resonate with me. Interesting metaphor and scenario for Timmy whose life turns upside down.

Overall, I enjoy watching these original movies. Some I’ll watch again, some I won’t. If Disney continues to come out with about one a month, I’ll watch them all. Disney has such a high reputation that I’m willing to give each original movie a try.

My next post will be going over the original Disney Plus shorts.

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