Waste of Kokomo Podcast: Spike, the Modern Punktronic

By Brian Blunt, Leonard Pigg, and Jimmy Shaw

This podcast definitely includes some adult language and themes. Please don’t play it for toddlers.

Recorded live at the Kokomo chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Beta Nu at 2401 Saratoga Avenue, Kokomo, Indiana, 46902.

Today’s guest is Spike Heart, DJ and administrator/creator for Radio Kallisti (103.5 KLST). Spike Heart can be reached at either his Facebook page or the Facebook page for 103.5 KLST. His work can also be found on Mixcloud.

Listen to or download the pod here:

You can like, engage with, and contact Waste of Kokomo podcast on Facebook.


(Please note: all dates may be conditional upon current events with the COVID-19 virus).

March 21: AACW at Alliance Events Center is cancelled due to coronavirus.

April 2-4: Maumee, Mary, and Joseph Comedy Festival, Fort Wayne

April 11: Springsteen event at the Phi is cancelled due to coronavirus.

May 9: Third Annual 0.5k Underachiever’s Run, Grissom Air Museum

May 16: Microrave event at Healer, Indianapolis

May 25: Memorial Day

June 1: Abducted with DJ Soul Slinger at The Patron Saint, Indianapolis

Show Notes and Links:

Amos: EtsyInstagramTwitterYouTube. You can always email us at amosmagdotcom@gmail.com

Isis Azarene (Spotify)


Fingers and Sunshine

Humpty Dance:

Money $hot Tucker

Paradigm Comics

Roadkill the Clown

Rock the Casbah:

 UAW 685 Veterans Committee

Who’s Yer Coustic

YouTube: Brian Blunt

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