Randomcast, Episode One – Quarantine Theatre: “The Open Door”

By Amos Staff

“The Open Door” is a one-act play written by Alfred Sutro (1863-1933). It was first published by Samuel French as “A Duologue in One Act” in 1912 and then in Sutro’s collection Five Little Plays by Brentano in 1922. It was performed on Broadway in New York in 1930 and is now in the public domain.

Our actors:

The role of Sir Geoffrey Transom is read by Todd Clevenger.

The role of Lady Gertrude Torminster is read by Michelle Railey.

The scene: 2 a.m. A fine July night. In a drawing room in Lord Jack Torminster’s cottage by the sea.

Listen to or download the play here:


1.) This episode of Quarantine Theatre involved some day drinking. So, please be gentle when listening and criticizing. Also? Only one of the actors involved wanted to do accents and she was overruled. Due to alcohol, we decided no accents were better than partial accents. Please pretend all dialogue is occurring in upper-class British English of the early 20th century.

1a.) Did we mention this episode of Quarantine Theatre involved some cocktails? So a couple times iPhone noises came through while recording and, frankly, we were too spent to edit them out. So, like, be a sport and ignore those.

2.) We’ve abridged two lines of this play because the 1920s were occasionally quite politically incorrect.

3.) There are no tigers in the Andes. Tigers originate on the Asian continent. The Andes are not and have never been on the Asian continent. (Pro tip: the Andes are in South America. There are no tigers there. Except occasionally in zoos. But they were imported.)

4.) We just want to point out that this little script contains a couple lines that are actually, we think, quite killer:

“There is one law in the universe –– NOW.”

“Never re-light a cigarette –– it’s like digging up the past.”

6.) You can find the text for this play at one-act-plays.com  and Project Gutenberg.

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Stay healthy. Wash your hands.

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