Dear Mr. Trump

By Ojijaak

I am aware that you managed to avoid serving your country decades ago. Many others did as well. More recently, you actively sought the office that, more than any other, requires complete and selfless service.

With that in mind, we require that for at least the next eight months, you place the needs of this nation ahead of your personal aspirations. It is not too much to ask that citizens, including those who have never served, now serve by making the small sacrifice of staying at home to watch 14-year-old games rather than to reopen communities prematurely and risk greater damage.

There will be casualties. More will die and businesses will fail. Society will likely be dramatically changed for a long time if not forever. Remember that you asked for the privilege of this service; if it is more than you feel fair to you, step aside and allow us a leader who will sacrifice what is necessary. That is far less than what others have given, and it defines both service and leadership.


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