Ranking the Pixar Movies

By Nate Johnson

1- Toy Story 4- I didn’t think there needed to be a Toy Story 4. I was completely wrong. A moving story that finishes Woody’s arc, 

2- Toy Story- The one that started them all. The story behind the work of the film is awe-inspiring. One major change of the movie was when Buzz gets hit and falls out of Andy’s room. Originally, Woody was going to push Buzz and be the bad guy. Glad they made the switch.

3- Toy Story 3- I watched this with my mom as I was nearing graduation. She cried at the ending. I cried when the gang was facing certain death in the fire.

4- Onward- I feel bad that this movie was cut short in theatres. I loved the message. A story about family and growing up without one your parents. I could relate to both brothers in different ways.

5- Coco- Family. Honor your family and strive for your dreams. I love the song “Remember me”.

6- Inside Out- This movie struck a personal chord with me. I was that kid who moved and didn’t feel like they fit in. I joked about running away from home even. I enjoy the message that all of the emotions are useful.

7- A Bug’s Life- The bird was scary when I was a kid, but I enjoy the message of standing up for your rights.

8- Toy Story 2- This movie was meant to be released directly to video. At the last minute, the team pulled it out and changed how Woody would want to leave Andy’s room to be a star. I really hope Woody’s Roundup still becomes a spinoff.

9- Cars 3- I watched this during my last summer working at camp. The scene when Lightning does the passing of the torch, I thought of me passing on the torch of camp to campers who have now become counselors.

10 WALL-E- A fun message of being active and taking care of the environment wrapped up in a love story.

11- Incredibles 2- I felt Incredibles 2 was a solid sequel to the original. However, with so many superhero movies out and about in theatres, it didn’t pack the same punch for me.

12- Monster’s Inc.- I need a Mike to my Sully. Great friends who look past society’s judgments to do the right thing.

13- Finding Nemo- The movie that made me want to go to Australia.

14- Cars- A solid film that became a fun part of Disney’s California Adventure. 

15- Finding Dory- What a nice surprise for a sequel. Dory is great. Marlin is still a dad. And Nemo is a great friend as always.

16- Monsters University- A cute sequel. I like the college atmosphere and the ending ties in great with Monsters Inc. When I have kids, I would have them watch this one before the original. It gives more character development to Mike and Sully.

17- The Incredibles- With all of the other superhero movies out there, this takes a hit. Still a good story and the sequel has good potential.

18- Up- It’s a great opening sequence and it’s the highlight of the film for me.

19- Ratatouille- I’m not a fan of fine dining or rats or restaurant ratings.

20- Cars 2- I still don’t know how this sequel was approved. The biggest blemish on Pixar’s track record.

21- Brave- Brave felt disjointed and it took me an awhile to get along with the plot.

22- The Good Dinosaur- Not my cup of tea. 


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