Quarantine Cowboy

By Leonard Pigg

Amid the new plague he goes his own way

No mask on public transit, coughing and sneezing with reckless abandon

He spits his chewing tobacco into a Mountain Dew bottle because he has class

He doesn't social distance, as he thinks himself an alpha male

This is the guy that doesn't flush when using public toilets or wash his hands

The man brags about how he knows this is all an Obama/Hilary hoax

Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are his primary news sources

When out shopping, he refuses to stand in the designated areas

Chomping at the bit, he waits for someone to give him commentary about his behavior

Always looking for an excuse to have a confrontation

That's why he wears his pistol at his side in this new frontier

He gets the dirtiest looks from everyone while talking about freedom

Never realizing that his irresponsible behavior is the real tyranny


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