Review: Artemis Fowl on Disney+

By Nate Johnson

Artemis Fowl debuted on June 12th on Disney+. It was intended to be shown in theaters in August 2019, got pushed back to May 2020, and ended up on Disney+ when the Covid-19 pandemic happened.

Artemis Fowl is about a boy whose father is an antique dealer. When his father is kidnapped and framed, Artemis attempts to rescue him. I enjoyed the world-building, but I wish they would have given more context for the story. Based on the popular book series, Artemis Fowl would have been better served as a series to give room for character development.

The $125 million dollar production felt rushed when I watched it. The scenes were fast-paced and I had trouble keeping up with all of the names and powers. Josh Gad felt out of place and out of character. 

Having been to Ireland, I enjoyed the cultural tie-ins and feel the need to backpack that great country once again.

If you have Disney+, the ninety-minute film is worth a watch. The world-building and Ireland heritage can compensate for the lack of character development and fast pacing.


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