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A Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci


By Skip

Dr. Fauci:

I am embarrassed by the reactions and behaviors of so many Americans recently. In particular, the abuse that has been directed at you and your colleagues is unacceptable. 

At those times when your interpretation of public health issues and the advice that you offer is disputed by persons who have neither education nor experience, I am reminded of my grandfather, who graduated first in his class at Indiana University School of Medicine. With respect, he was, in my opinion, the best and brightest physician ever to have practiced in this country.

When a patient offered a self-diagnosis or disputed Dr. Marshall’s, he would ask, “Oh? And where in the hell did you go to medical school?”

Were I you, I would likely have said something very similar to that before this time. I caution you against taking this advice. I became infamous many years ago for telling one of my own supervisors that I “have a damned low tolerance for

Be strong, be well, be safe, and thank you for your good work. Illegitimati non carborundum.



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