Ten Things About Dance Club Kayla 1989 Barbie Doll

By Amos Staff

  1. Dance Club Kayla was released in 1989 with model #3512 as part of Mattel’s Pink Label Barbie collection. Pink Label Barbies do not have a quota limit.
  2. The Dance Club Barbie playline also included Dance Club Barbie, Devon, and Ken.
  3. Kayla’s face mold is known as “Diva” or “Midge.” The “Diva” version first appeared in 1985’s Barbie and the Rockers playline. One of the ways you can identify one of these dolls is the marking located at the base of the scalp reading “1985 Mattel Inc.”

4. Other features that help identify a 1989 Dance Club Barbie include her crimped red hair, twist and turn waist, bent arms, pierced ears, closed mouth with pink lips, and green eyeshadow.

5. Because this doll was released after 1972, she is considered a Modern Barbie by collectors. Vintage Mattel Barbies date before 1972.

6. The original box looked like this:

Image: toysisters.com

7. The back of the box listed the contents and pointed out that dolls can’t dance.

8. As of August 2020, buying a Dance Club Kayla will cost anywhere from $33 (for good condition without box or original clothes) to $79 for new in box/never removed from box.

9. If you wondered what the original commercial looks like, you can find it (a bit rough) right here:

10. Besides the commercial, YouTube also has some clips of the Dance Club Barbie VHS and cassette tapes as well as some interesting reviews and “unboxing” videos.

Sources used include: Barbiefandom.com, kattisdolls.net, and Mattel.com.


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