Eleven Things About Jewel Secrets Barbie 1986

  1. Jewel Secrets Barbie was released in 1986 with model #1737 as part of Mattel’s Pink Label collection. Pink Label Barbies (also known as “Pink Box”) do not have a quota limit.

2. This Barbie has the “Superstar” face type which was made between 1977 and 1988. Barbies from this time period are often referred to as being “from the Superstar Era.”

3. Like many Barbies, which country she was made in can affect her appearance. See, for example, this comparison showing a doll made in Malaysia on the left and one from Argentina, right:

Made in Malaysia (L, copyright Amos Media) and Made in Argentina (R, Tiny Anonimatus/Flickr)

4. The Jewel Secrets playline included Jewel Secrets Ken, Whitney, and Skipper. There were separate jewelry sets, fashion sets, and paper doll and coloring books for this line, too.

5. The original box looked like this:

Box images: Diary of a Dorkette. (Link at bottom of article).

6. Jewel Secrets Barbie came with “crystal” earrings and ring, silver mini-dress with built-in trunks, a turquoise ruffle (transformed from skirt to stole), a pink and silver ball gown skirt that also was “a purse for you!”, clear glitter heels, a “magic” color-changing necklace, pink hairbrush, and a storybook called “The Night of Jewel Secrets.”

“Her gown turns into a purse for you! Necklace and fashion change too!”

7. According to the box, the storybook featured Barbie’s “exciting, magical adventures” when she is invited to “three glamorous parties in one night In three different cities!,” London, Paris, and Washington D.C.

Image: eBay

8. The “magic” necklace had a center jewel that changed colors between white, pink, and turquoise using a little dial on the back of the necklace.


9. Things to look for when identifying a Jewel Secrets Barbie include the pierced ears, ring, twist and turn waist, bent arms, an open-mouth smile with pale lipstick (depending on the country), slight dimple, delineated eyebrow hairs (some Barbies have solid brows), two white highlights in each blue-violet eye, and minimal blue eyeshadow.

10. As of August 2020, prices for this doll range from 15 dollars (in fair to medium condition without any original clothes or accessories) to 170 dollars for new in box/never removed from box.

11. The original commercial can be seen on YouTube:

Note: Diary of a Dorkette has a lovely post about Jewel Secrets Barbie here.


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