Walking in the Fog

By Leonard Pigg

The fog was thicker than usual, the kind that the television channels warn people about. 
A foreshadowing of things to come. 
I found myself wanting to go for a walk in it. 
The morbid curiosity of what is out there in the fog. 
To stride forward with little or no visibility, while feeling the cool haze on my skin.It feels like the future. 
Walking alone, despite knowing there are people around. 
Limited view, so even looking at your own hands is next to impossible. 
It makes you question your own existence. 
To wander about like a ghost, unseen by the rest of the world. 
Cars go by slowly, hesitant to speed even on the most familiar of streets. 
The future for them is uncertain, even just moments later. 
I am wandering alone, wishing someone was there next to me.For someone to hold my hand not out of fear, but to at least acknowledge my own existence.Misery loves company, but not as much as loneliness. 
It would be nice to have company there to remind me of who and what I am, for in the midst of the haze everything becomes a blur. 
To not see what is behind nor forward, but only to look into the universe within my own mind. 
There is a light mist on my face, leaving me unsure of whether they are tears or condensation. 
Stride on into the unknown, a man without fear. 
I think of the friends, both old and new that have taken residence in my heart and wonder where they have all gone?A million moments that encompass a lifetime that never seems long enough, we can only hope for more positive than negative experiences. 
Treasure everything, every single moment.No regrets.


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