The Waste of Kokomo Podcast: Brandon Pitcher

By Brian Blunt, Sean Delrymple, Leonard Pigg, and Jimmy Shaw

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Recorded at the Kokomo chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Beta Nu at 2401 Saratoga Avenue, Kokomo, Indiana, 46902. 

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Today’s episode is a wide-ranging conversation and interview with Brandon Pitcher. Mr. Pitcher is the owner of Blue Circle Shops, which specializes in USDA-certified organic natural products, primarily hemp and CBD but also others, including marula oil. The official shop website is here. Brandon Pitcher also has a presence on LinkedIn.

The conversation today covers not only CBD, hemp farming and issues, and legalization for hemp and marijuana but addresses issues (specific to Kokomo and globally) such as business, agriculture, the environment, waste streams, and sustainability, as well as forays into other types of creativity, including comedy and entertainment.

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Unless otherwise noted, all events are in Indiana. 

Ongoing: Wednesdays at 9PM, Blind Tiger Comedy Open Mic at Mulligan’s, Kokomo.

November 26: CK Cares 5K Run/Walk at Highland Park. All proceeds go to We Care. Meet at Rogers Pavilion. 8AM with registration beginning at 630AM. $10 entry fee. (Registration info here)

December 4-6: We Care online auction

December 5: Comedy Show hosted by Jimmy Shaw, American Legion, Marion.

December 12: Comedy Show hosted by Jimmy Shaw, American Legion, Marion.

December 18-20: Curtain Call Theatre for Children presents Miracle on 34th Street, the play. Cross America Auditorium.

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Show Notes:

1-800-273-8255 Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Free. 24 hours. If you are in distress, please call. You are not alone.)  (You can also call the phone number 211 for assistance: food, shelter, health, services.)

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ADAA, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Architectural Salvage, Louisville, Kentucky

Breakfast Anytime! Improv (YouTube)

EPA: Kokomo Contaminated Water Plume Superfund Site Information

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

KQED: “Reefer Madness! The Twisted History of America’s Marijuana Laws”

National Geographic: “Microplastics Have Moved into Virtually Every Crevice on Earth”

The New York Times: “There’s No Place Like Home, Especially if It’s Made of Hemp”

Not Necessarily Kokomo News

Poll: Do you support the legalization of marijuana use in Indiana?

Publisher’s Note: The National Institute of Health (NIH), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and Mayo Clinic (among others) have not yet found conclusive evidence of a positive benefit for depression after using CBD products. This does not mean that a positive benefit does not exist, only that the research on it is incomplete. There are some studies that do seem to demonstrate reductions in pain, improvements in epilepsy and Parkinson’s, as well as the well-known benefits of marijuana in managing nausea. Reports of serious harm do not seem to be apparent with the use of CBD products. As ever, if you are seeking help or advice for any medical condition, please consult with a doctor before trying any product.

Roadkill Comedy Show

USDA, “Economic Viability of Industrial Hemp in the United States: A Review of Pilot Programs”

Waste of Kokomo Podcast (Facebook)

Who’s Yer Coustic

YouTube: Is Hemp the Future of Cleaning CO2 from Our Air? (Clarkson University)

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