Musings on Adoration

By Leonard Pigg

Don’t bloody do it. 
Truth be known, at least seventy percent of the time you will be let down. 
I’ve loved and admired quite a few people the past few years and the majority have fallen so short, I began to question my own taste in people. 
I admire someone for their style, intellect, convictions and then soon find they really don’t have any of those things.It seems to be a massive facade, conducted in secret and somehow, I seem to be the only one that notices it. 
I saw myself surrounded by friends masquerading as thieves, hypocrites, addicts and raving sociopaths. 
I will continue to revel in my outsider status and ignore my first inclinations. 
Remember the correlation between perception and reality? If not, just remember that when you were a child, movies seemed real. 
As you became older, awareness changed and you realized that the fantasy worlds were not real, just special effects or complicated makeup. 
I suppose the best bet is to believe in oneself, everyone else is just a beard’s tug from being a Santa Claus at the mall.

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