Review: Oaken Barrel Epiphany 2020

By Ryan and Michelle

Every year, Oaken Barrel Brewing Company releases their seasonal Epiphany. It’s (obviously) a little different every year, so this year, Ryan and I have sampled and discussed.

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Delirium Tremens, Huyghe Brewery: Belgian Strong Golden Ale.

Epiphany 2020: Belgian Tripel, 9.2 percent alcohol. Released Thursday, 3 December, 2020. Oaken Barrel Brewing, Greenwood, In.

Epiphany, Oaken Barrel, previous review here.

Lisa: A huge thanks to Lisa at Oaken Barrel Brewing Company.

Jester King Brewery, Austin, Texas

Little Kings Cream Ale

Taxman Brewing Company

Those sour cherry candy ball things: See Brach’s, and Cherry Republic.


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