The Waste of Kokomo Podcast: No Rapero Blanco

By Brian Blunt, Sean Delrymple, Leonard Pigg, and Jimmy Shaw

This podcast definitely includes some mature content and language. All opinions expressed belong solely to their speaker and not to any other speakers, writers, contributors, affiliates, or advertisers of, amosmagdotshop, Amoscast, Amos Media, or Waste of Kokomo Podcast.

Recorded via Zoom.

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On today’s podcast, the guys discuss all things pop culture, Highlights include law and order, Mandalorian, comedy show high jinks, TV, movies, Marvel, and…Sesame Street?

Thank you for listening.

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Unless otherwise noted, all events are in Indiana. 

Ongoing: Wednesdays at 9PM, Blind Tiger Comedy Open Mic at Mulligan’s, Kokomo.

December 18: 8PM, SINGO at Big Daddy’s, Indianapolis.

December 18-20: Curtain Call Theatre for Children presents Miracle on 34th Street, the play. Cross America Auditorium.

(Have an event in central Indiana you’d like listed? Please let us know. Reply below or email

Show Notes:

The 28 Most Horrifying and Hilarious Things Ever Sold on Facebook (Buzzfeed)

1-800-273-8255 Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Free. 24 hours. If you are in distress, please call. You are not alone.)  (You can also call the phone number 211 for assistance: food, shelter, health, services.)

Amos: EtsyInstagramTwitterYouTube. You can always email us at Tip Jar.

Bert is Evil (Wikipedia)

Breakfast Anytime! Improv (YouTube)

Michael Bublé: Spider-Man Theme

Canary Currency

Dallas: Bobby in the Shower (It was all a dream!)

Firestar: aka Angelica Jones (Marvel Database)

“Here’s Every New Star Wars Series Coming to Disney Plus” (USAToday)

Joint Life Collective

The Mandalorian: THIS PODCAST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE MANDALORIAN but they’re the same spoilers you’ve already seen on the interwebs. Um. Probably.

Not Necessarily Kokomo News


Phi Delta Kappa Beta Nu, Kokomo.

Roadkill Comedy Show

Smoking Crack with Comics: Wendi Furguson

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (Wikipedia)

Waste of Kokomo Podcast (Facebook)

Who’s Yer Coustic

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