Waste of Kokomo Podcast: Canary Currency— Cast of Rappers

By Brian Blunt, Sean Delrymple, Leonard Pigg, Cortni Richardson, and Jimmy Shaw

This podcast may include some mature content and language. All opinions expressed belong solely to their speaker and not to any other speakers, writers, contributors, affiliates, or advertisers of Amosmag.com, amosmagdotshop, Amoscast, or Amos Media.

Recorded at the Kokomo chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Beta Nu at 2401 Saratoga Avenue, Kokomo, Indiana, 46902. 

Sitting in for today’s episode are Matt Fuller and Davey Mumaw.

Today’s featured guests are all cast members of Canary Currency. (Character names follow the actor’s name in parentheses): Derek Flager (Black), James Wright (Detective Valentine), Deztanie Washington (Redd), Christian Taylor (Sean), Jared Johnson (Smoke), Leonard Pigg (Slug), Melvin Oaks (Eddie), Jordan Bell (Reece), and Luke Morgan (Jeremy). Canary Currency is now streaming on Amazon. You can also follow the show on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for listening.

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Ongoing: Wednesdays at 9PM, Blind Tiger Comedy Open Mic at Mulligan’s, Kokomo.

Ongoing through December 31st: City of Lights in Highland Park, Kokomo. Evenings.

December 31: Punk Rock Night Virtual New Year’s Eve Spectacular. Beginning at 8PM. Melody Inn, Indianapolis. (Info here)

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Show Notes:

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