One Minute and One Second: Snow in Greenwood, Indiana

By Amos Staff

Tonight, some of the most beautiful snow we’ve ever seen. We didn’t add music but if you want music recommendations, please check out the info below the video link.

Music recommendations: If you’re looking for snow music, we highly suggest: “Aspen Jubilee” by Ron Nelson (Look for Dallas Wind Symphony version), Ferde Grofé “Grand Canyon Suite”, or (obvs) Tchaikovsky “Waltz of the Snowflakes.” Michael Torke’s “Ash,” “Blue”, and “Charcoal” are also good. As is Saint-Saens “Le Cygne” (The Swan).

We hate snow to drive in. We hate the darkness. But my goodness, sometimes snow and winter are absolutely beautiful. (Music recommendation: Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World”)

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