The Nine Most Wanted: January 2021

By Amos Staff

All items have been chosen independently by Amos staff, regardless of affiliate links. Recommendations cannot be bought. Not all links reflect the cheapest price so please, shop around. Shopping posts seem a little insensitive when so many people are struggling. Please see the bottom of this post for helpful references.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

(1) Prinbara pullover batwing turtleneck sweater. Shown in Rust. (Amazon)

(2) Hipposeus Women’s Split-Sole Shoe. (Amazon)

(3) Neutrogena Hydro Boost line. We highly recommend both the Hand Cream and the Body Balm. There are a metric ton of wonderful moisturizers out there but this one not only does the trick even on the driest of skin but feels somehow like swimming and being calmed when you apply it. Worth every penny: deeply moisturizing but still light and never sticky. Instant relief for painful skin.

(4) 5-Pack of Champion Face Masks. It’s going to be at least 6 to 9 months until the COVID-19 vaccine is widely-enough distributed that we don’t need masks. These washable and reusable masks are high quality, basic black (Basic Bad Ass) and affordable. Link for masks (here) but use this to get to Printful and (welp, we’re an affiliate) you can help us out while still scoring awesome masks.

(5) The official 4×4 sticker. Indoor/outdoor. Bubble free. Supports your favorite-est general interest weirdo magazine, Etsy shop, and podcast. (Etsy)

(6) Polo Red. Don’t tell anyone but sometimes we get nostalgic for the original Polo cologne (the green one, aka Deep Woods Off) but this one smells fresh and new and warm and wonderful. The commercials for it aren’t great but it’s both comforting and exciting and we love this stupid men’s perfume. So, check it out. You can get it here (officially) and probably lots of other places for less.

(7) Three piece drill brush set. (Attach these mofos to your electric drill and clean, baby, clean.) Maybe you, like us, have bleached, peroxided, and scrubbed the ever living shit out of your tub and grout. It’s hard work and the damn things still look effing dingy. Get this three piece drill brush set, attach one of the heads to your electric drill and FINALLY get the damn job done (hopefully). (Amazon)

(8) If we here at Amos won the lottery, one of the selfish things we’d do is have a Swatch collection. And this one, called “Yellow In Jelly” would be one of the first we’d add. (Swatch official) and a little cheaper, possibly, here.

(9) Sure, the DNA thing is okay if creepy but we’d just want to be able to hunt all the things in documents. It’s a little expensive for data but what the hell, how else are you going to pass the time during a coronavirus winter? You know you want to find your great-great-great-something. So do it, already.

As we said before, shopping posts kind of assume people are doing okay and a lot of us are not.

If you need assistance (food, shelter, health, references for specialized help), call 211 or visit

We hope you don’t need this line but if you are considering suicide, there is help for you. Please call 800-273-8255. 24 hours, free. You are NOT alone.

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Find your state representatives, too: type in your state + gov. This should help you find your state and local representatives and, most importantly, contact them. Tell them what you think. Your opinion matters.

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