The Nine Most Wanted: February 2021

By Amos Staff

Details below, left to right, top to bottom.

All items have been chosen independently by Amos staff, regardless of affiliate links (which are marked). Recommendations cannot be bought. Not all links reflect the cheapest price so please, shop around. Shopping posts seem a little insensitive when so many people are struggling. Please see the bottom of this post for helpful references. 

(1.) Mardi Gras Leggings. Supports your favorite-est general interest weirdo magazine, Etsy shop, and podcast. (Affiliate)

(2.) Initio Portable Water Irrigator and Flosser: It’s gotta be better than actual floss, right? And it gets good reviews or something. So, shine on, bright teeth. (Amazon)

(3.) Adams official Clove chewing gum. Originally introduced in 1914 and allegedly used during Prohibition to cover the smell of alcohol on the breath, this Americana favorite still gets made but it’s not always easy to find. Stock up. There’s nothing quite like it. (It doesn’t last long, sadly, much like Clark’s Teaberry, but good lord, we love it.) (Fun fact: Clark’s Teaberry will be manufactured again in 2021. So keep your eyes open!) (Amazon)

(4.) 2021 Year of the Ox Jade Charm, Lillian Hong Jewelry. (Aloha Crafters)

(5.) Faber Castell Metallic Colored Pencils, eco-friendly. (Amazon)

(6.) Clinique Wrappings Gift Set: Eau de Parfum Spray and Body Smoother Lotion. Once upon a time, this wonderful scent was available all year round, even though it has a hint of pine. For awhile, it seemed like this was discontinued but thankfully, the gods at Clinique have relented and are now releasing this truly lovely clean and woodsy scent once a year. That once a year is Christmas (yeah, the name is Wrappings, y’all), which means you can get it at the Clinique site for about half-price. Do that. It’s a phenomenal scent (especially fall through spring; we admit, we’re not wearing it in July. But we could, internets. We could).

(7.) Originally we were going to recommend a satin finish gold set of flatware. (Not gaudy, trust us, just warm and refined.) But then we saw this rainbow-finish stainless steel variant. They’re affordable. And we dig ‘em. (Amazon)

(8.) 14 karat gold amethyst drop earrings, with lever back closure. Real gemstone. Handmade. February’s birthstone. (Amazon)

(9.) Embark backpack. We have one in a beautiful red-orange. This thing is sturdy as all get out, lightweight, with padded pockets for your tech. Bonus? The exterior is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Seriously, we love this backpack. It comes in several colors but, oh goodness, here it is, available in beautiful, nostalgic mint. (Target)

Again, we know times are hard for many people (us included; to be honest, this is a daydreaming sort of post). Here are some references if you need a little help:

If you need assistance (food, shelter, health, references for specialized help), call 211 or visit

We hope you don’t need this line but if you are considering suicide, there is help for you. Please call 800-273-8255. 24 hours, free. You are NOT alone.

Tell your congressperson what you are feeling, what you need, what you expect them to do as your representative. Start here: Find Your Representative and Find Your Senator.

Find your state representatives, too: type in your state + gov. This should help you find your state and local representatives and, most importantly, contact them. Tell them what you think. Your opinion matters. 

Find Your Local Food Bank

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