Dance of Desperation

By Leonard Pigg

She was like a serial killer, always leaving consistent patterns
You could watch her dating migration by the numerous selfies she took
Observe her social media and see exactly who her current lover is
You could identify the posts where she was under the influence
It also revealed the people she cheated with, too
Fancy cars, big house, expensive dinners and massive debt
She dressed like a princess while the children looked like paupers
Deadbeat mother with a litter of misanthropic children
Spawned with a litter of fathers, none of which were around
She barricaded the door when a gentleman caller came over
Someone had to scratch that itch as the kids scratched at her door
Angrily, she reminds the kids they have an X-Box to play
They find other things to do, this isn’t a new thing for them
The kids got used to mother and her friend screaming behind the door
Afterwards, they try to bond with the strange men to no avail
None of the relationships last and she always called them toxic
Often forgetting that she had a biohazard symbol as a tramp stamp
This pattern will continue on repeat until her looks fade
Her toxic womb will finally give out
Liquor runs dry and pills are long gone
She will find herself alone in an empty nest
Dating online for a modicum of attention
If only to find herself someone to talk to aside from herself

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