The Nine Most Wanted: March 2021

By Amos Staff

Details below. Left to right, top to bottom.

All items have been chosen independently by Amos staff, regardless of affiliate links (which are marked). Recommendations cannot be bought. Not all links reflect the cheapest price so please, shop around. Shopping posts seem a little insensitive when so many people are struggling. Please see the bottom of this post for helpful references. 

1.) Albanese 12-flavor gummy bears. The best gummies in the world. Softer and more flavorful than Haribo; infinitely better than generic and store brand. Made in Indiana. Addictively delicious. (If you like citrus flavors, the citrus slice gummies are also incredible. The grapefruit is a total stunner.)

2.) Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour hydrator. Much like January’s Neutrogena Hydro-Boost, this moisturizer has a weightless, liquid feel that is light and a substantial kind of water-y. Unlike the Neutrogena, this is a thinner formula (a dab will do ya) without scent but is more expensive. The moisture factor does indeed last longer than the drugstore-grade Neutrogena and is (maybe, we think) better for the face, neck, and chest than the Neutrogena precisely because no scent plus thinner. A quick search suggests it’s cheapest at Ulta but, of course, you can get it at the Clinique site too. (Oh, and post-script, Dear Reader, the original Dramatically Different Moisturizing series is also still great. And yes, like this one, unisex.)

3.) Okay, we’ve had hideous luck with slip covers: generally overpriced, a pain in the ass, and run amok as soon as anyone sits on them. But this stretch velvet version gets great reviews, is easier on the budget, comes in several great colors, and thanks to the Lycra/spandex stretchiness of stretch velvet, fits tighter and cleaner, with plenty of stretch and snap-back. It comes in 8-ish colors and it’s affordable. They have options for loveseats and chairs too and the pesky separate cushion issue is resolved because these come with separate cushion covers. They’re machine washable, and we heartily believe, worth a damn try.

4.) Pastel rainbow super soft 50”x60” throw blanket. Supports your favorite-est general interest weirdo magazine, Etsy shop, and podcast. It’s our Amos shop, y’all. (Affiliate)

5.) Royal Tenenbaum-esque, expensive wallpaper inspired zebra boho print vegan leather wristlet/clutch. We love it. This design is also available as a blanket. (Okay, affiliate and It’s our Amos shop, y’all. Please visit!)

6.) Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. We love and are recommending the waterproof version. $4.99 via Amazon, Ulta, and Meijer. The best plumping-and-lengthening mascara we’ve ever found. And the price cannot be beat. The waterproof day-after smudge can be a bit difficult to remove but we’ve found that Neutrogena’s Light Body Oil actually makes the best facial cleaner and mascara remover we’ve ever used, including on these crazy day-after smudges. And, seriously, highly visible difference before and after on this mascara and we’ve tried a lot of them.

7.) We didn’t intend to have a double candy issue of the Nine Most Wanted but with Easter coming, we’re not going to feel bad about it. We love an approximate metric shit ton of different mints but if we had to pick one to live with for the rest of our days, we’d pick the eminently pleasing Perugina Glacia, especially if you can get the rectangular ones. We love them. So freaking much.

8.) Zebra Stainless Steel mechanical pencil. Affordable but still so very elegant, thin, feel great in the hand; strong enough that the lead doesn’t break. Refillable, too, if you care about that. Lovely pencils. Truly. (Don’t want to shop online? This one is readily available at department stores and grocery stores.)

9.) Façonnable Men’s Cologne. This one was introduced in the mid-1990s but the scent still is phenomenal. Not too strong, clean but memorable. (And, for the moment, super-affordable.) Completely elegant and well-rounded scent: doesn’t scream anything; Does NOT smell cheap. Can’t recommend enough.

HONORABLE MENTION: If you are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, get it. Definitely most wanted, certainly necessary. And free to you (in the U.S.), miraculously.

Update: In January, we recommended a shoe (Picture #2, Hipposeus Split-Sole). We have since ordered and worn that shoe. We love it so much. We confess to wishing the heel were just a little thinner and that there were a true toe-box (Capezio, rip this shoe off, damn it). There is some deterioration of the suede-type finish of the center stripe but the color still remains true so we couldn’t care less. Inner sole does not detach as quickly as other “cheap” shoes. Runs true to size. We’re ordering another pair. So, if they appeal, we highly recommend. (No, we are not an affiliate of Amazon or Hipposeus.)

Again, we know times are hard for many people (us included; to be honest, this is a daydreaming sort of post). Here are some references if you need a little help:

If you need assistance (food, shelter, health, references for specialized help), call 211 or visit

We hope you don’t need this line but if you are considering suicide, there is help for you. Please call 800-273-8255. 24 hours, free. You are NOT alone.

Tell your congressperson what you are feeling, what you need, what you expect them to do as your representative. Start here: Find Your Representative and Find Your Senator.

Find your state representatives, too: type in your state + gov. This should help you find your state and local representatives and, most importantly, contact them. Tell them what you think. Your opinion matters. 

Find Your Local Food Bank

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