Ten Things About Dallas, Barbie’s Golden Palomino

By Amos Staff

  1. Dallas was part of the Western Barbie play line. Dallas (#3312) was Barbie’s Golden Palomino horse, Midnight (#5337) was a black stallion for Ken, and Honey (#5880) was Skipper’s show horse.
Dallas, 1980, Mattel #3312. Image: Amos Media

2. Mattel, the maker and owner of Barbie (and, hence, Dallas) was founded in 1945 and is based in El Segundo, California. They are the second largest toy company in the world, following Lego, which is the largest. Mattel’s ticker symbol is MAT and, as of 15 April, 2021 (at close) is trading at $20.53 per share.

3. Barbie horse companions have been around since 1970. The first, a brown horse named Dancer (#1157) was released in 1970. Since then, Barbie’s horses have included Blinking Beauty, Prancer, Western Star, Sun Charm, Western Fun, Blazin’ Trails, Blizzard, Diva, Flying Hero, plus Starlight the Unicorn.

4. The coats of palomino horses change with both age and diet.

5. Golden palominos (with coats the color of “gold coin”) are the most recognizable and valuable of all types of palomino horses.

6. “Palomino” is a genetic color breed of horse, not a separate breed itself. There are two primary registries for palomino horses: The Palomino Horse Association and the Palomino Horse Breeders of America.

7. Dallas originally came with a saddle, bridle, stirrup covers, a brush and comb (white or ivory), instruction sheet, and the Barbie Fan Club pamphlet (included on everything Barbie in the 80s).

The original Dallas with all the kit, the original box, and the paperwork. The ribbon seems to be missing. It was usually white or yellow, about 1/4 of an inch.

8. The back of the original Dallas pink box stated that Barbie and Dallas were “made for each other.”

Detail: Dallas’ saddle and the stirrup covers. Image: Amos Media.

9. You can still watch the original 1980 commercial for Dallas on YouTube (“Giddy Up, Dallas!”):

Image: Amos Media

10. As of April 2021, prices on Dallas horse toys are all over the place. Approximately 20 US dollars without anything but the horse; between 14.99 and 59.99 for good condition with various original accessories. New in Box is rare but value (no matter condition, accessories, box) appears to be unstable right now.

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