The Nine Most Wanted: May 2021

By Amos Staff

Details below: Left to right, top to bottom.

All items have been chosen independently by Amos staff, regardless of affiliate links (which are marked). Recommendations cannot be bought. Not all links reflect the cheapest price so, please, shop around. Shopping posts seem a little insensitive when so many people are struggling. Please see the bottom of this post for helpful references. 

1.) Classic Tomy Water Toy: On a nostalgia level, this is a ten of ten points. On a fun level? Still pretty good. It’s kinda like Rubik’s Cube: fun to look at, fun to play with, a memory bonanza, inexpensive, and kinda timeless. (Amazon)

2.) Pentel Graph Gear 500 Automatic Drafting Mechanical Pencil: Inexpensive but super classy, super sharp. The knurled metal grip makes us swoon and also prevents the lead from breaking every two seconds. We love this pencil. Available in four lead sizes. (Amazon)

3.) Vintage Art Print Ray Non-Slip Bath Mat: Microfiber bath mat available in two sizes with super-artsy vintage Longheaded Eagle Ray illustration with ombré background and art details. Plus one dollar from each purchase goes to WWF (World Wildlife Fund/Worldwide Fund for Nature). (Etsy: amosmagdotshop . Link takes you directly to this listing.) (Affiliate: Rather, this is OUR shop. 5 Star Rating!)

4.) SPF 50 Glitter Freakin’ Sunscreen: Um, just because we protect our skin and are probably too old for glitter, well, we don’t care. We wants this, precious. Bonus, it’s available in 4 delicious “flavors” (do not eat!): Coco Lime, Cotton Candy, Party Cake, and Very Berry. Little pricey for sunblock but (a) it’s SPF 50+ and (b) it has glitter, goddamn it. (Ulta)

5.) Costco Membership: If you live anywhere near one, it’s worth it’s weight in gold, if for no other purchases than dishwasher tabs, white vinegar, toilet paper, and bleach. And the rotisserie chickens. And the snack bar. You know what? This thing literally really does pay for its damn self in savings (if you have the money to buy in bulk up front— even cheaply). Bonus points on Costco? Anything in the bakery and prepared foods. Seriously. Fun fact: you can even get discounts on cars and travel with your Costco membership. Like, no joke. (No link. Visit the Costco nearest you.)

6.) Rain-X All Season 2-In-1 Windshield Washer Fluid with Bug Repel: Sure, you could coat your windshield in vegetable oil or wax to repel the water but you wouldn’t actually be able to see. Or you could use the 99 cent gas station blue kool-aid. But for just a very little more money, grab that sweet, sweet Rain-X All Season. Enhances visibility. And repels and removes bugs (and their very sad little guts). Maybe not worth its weight in gold but so, so close. (AutoZone)

7.) Lab-Created Emerald and Sterling Silver Stack Ring: Actually, stack it or wear it on its own. It’s delicate, it’s bright, it’s May’s birthstone. And we’re ever so fond of horizontal oval gems. Aren’t you? And yeah, while we are still very seriously and deeply crushing on last month’s alexandrite earrings, we’d love this ring, too. So. Much. (Jared)

8.) Ancestry Membership: Sure, we mentioned this in January too. Sure, we sort of feel like Ancestry should pay us (like, honestly, it’s hive mind and we’re all working together to make all the family trees correct and shit)— but, yeah, the software and staff and maintenance and all that is so worth it. There isn’t a genealogy site or program that can match it (even if the DNA component freaks us out). Still, yeah. This membership to access All The Things— well, we would very much like it, thank you. (Ancestry)

9.) Flamingo Watch with White Silicone Strap: Silicone strap, Stainless steel, Steel, and Glass. Lightweight. Free Shipping. It’s a Flamingo! Perfect for summer, or year-round, or for people who like animals or for people who work at Flamingo in Vegas, perfect for you. Maybe? Who doesn’t want a pop watch for summer? Also, if you go here you can get it in a pink strap option. (Affiliate/Our Shop. But we’re placing a Buy It Now link for the white strap version below. Guaranteed secure purchase by PayPal and AmosMagDotShop.)

Flamingo Watch with White Silicone Strap: Buy It Now


Silicone Strap Watch: White. Pop Art 80s and 90s Flamingo.

TPU plastic strap The watch casing measures approx. 1 3/4″ in diameter, the watch band fits most wrists from approx. 6 1/2″ to 8 1/2″. Light weight Stainless stain back Wristwatch length: approximately 25 cm Japanese movements and batteries included Please note: this item cannot be returned or exchanged as it is made to order just for you. But please let us know if you have any problems or concerns with your order. Item is designed in the U.S. and printed in Hong Kong. In order to keep the price down, this item will arrive to you before or by 3-6 weeks from order. We apologize for the turnaround time but cannot offer an affordable expedited option at this time.


HONORABLE MENTION: If you are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, get it. Definitely most wanted, certainly necessary. And free to you (in the U.S.), miraculously.

We know times are hard for many people (us included; to be honest, this is a daydreaming sort of post). Here are some references if you need a little help:

If you need assistance (food, shelter, health, references for specialized help), call 211 or visit

We hope you don’t need this line but if you are considering suicide, there is help for you. Please call 800-273-8255. 24 hours, free. You are NOT alone.

Tell your congressperson what you are feeling, what you need, what you expect them to do as your representative. Start here: Find Your Representative and Find Your Senator.

Find your state representatives, too: type in your state + gov. This should help you find your state and local representatives and, most importantly, contact them. Tell them what you think. Your opinion matters. 

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