The Daily Amos, 3 May 2021 (A Newspaper! Or Something.)

By Amos Staff, Dateline: Greenwood, Indiana.


India: India reported 368,060 new cases of the coronavirus on May 2, as a daily total. Delhi is reporting an oxygen shortage. As of Saturday, only 26 million people have been vaccinated amongst a national population of 1.4 billion. Australia and the United States are both planning or in the process of implementing travel restrictions to and from India due to the pandemic.


The Biden Administration is beginning the hard work of reuniting families separated at the U.S./Mexican border.

As of today, according to the New York Times, about 32% of American citizens have been fully vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus.

The U.S. Housing Market is going gongy-gongy. Will there be a crash?


Governor Eric Holcomb has filed a lawsuit seeking to block a new law passed by the General Assembly which essentially curtails the governor’s emergency powers. The Attorney General, Todd Rokita, is seeking to block Holcomb’s lawsuit, which is seeking to block… well, shit, it’s all exhausting and all this blocking just makes us miss Block’s, the store.

Statewide: The redbuds are on their way out but the lilacs are on their way in. Sadly, some lilacs have been damaged by that weird snowstorm that happened April 20-ish.

Also statewide: Get Your COVID vaccine. Visit

Greenwood: At the Oaken Barrel, you are still required to wear masks.

Kokomo: Hacienda restaurant on Plate Street will, (we repeat, will) be celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year. Yes, you will still need to mask up when you are not at your table.

Hendricks County Karen Alert: Avon police arrest woman for trying to run over another woman

Home and Garden, Fashion, and Shopping

See The Nine Most Wanted, May 2021

Cicadas! Brood X is coming.

Opinion: We’ve seen some think pieces that state that people are wanting to wear so-called “real” clothes after a year of pandemic pajama pants and such. We disagree. Long live sweats. And flip flops. “Real” clothes have zippers and buttons (if we remember correctly) and we vehemently disagree that they are in any way so-called “desired” or “wanted” or “missed.”

Social Media! TV! Movies! Pop Culture Things!

If you’re not following Patrick Skinner on Twitter, you’re doing Twitter wrong.

Streaming: Our freshest recommendations? Wandavision, Call the Midwife, the Dead Mall series by Dan Bell on YouTube, anything by Molly from AllEars on YouTube. We think there are others but it’s May and, well, we can’t remember. Spring Fever?

Podcasts: Due to COVID-related brain trauma, we’ve not been listening to our usual perpetual canon of podcasts. So we’re just going to recommend two that we still can listen to in our broken state, The Daily (by the New York Times) and Marketplace (NPR/APM featuring Kai Ryssdal).

Apparently the Oscars were held lately and, if you give a shit, here are the award-winners (link).


Tornado Safety (NOAA)


Today on television, Rachel Nichols had perfect hair and wore a Spider-Man T-shirt under her blazer. She looked great.

Also, Olympic Officials are Determined to Hold the Tokyo Games Despite Japan’s Growing Doubt

You can still watch the ridiculously beautiful performance of Yulia Lipnitskaya on YouTube from 2014 in Sochi:

Travel. Food & Drink. Rumors, Etc.

In Indianapolis, we are sad to report that New Day Craft Meadery and Big Daddy’s are both defunct. In good news, the Brass Ring Lounge seems to be back open.

In Las Vegas, according to our favorite Vegas Twitter follow, buffets are coming back soon-ish (Employees have received “welcome back” emails and job postings are blossoming just in time for spring). Also, it looks an awful lot like Cosmopolitan has ditched its plexiglas partitions. But only her hairdresser knows for sure.

Like, we’re losing our shit on Disney World prices: in 1997, you could grab a one day ticket for $39.75. In 2019 and later, with surge pricing, prices for a one day ticket will range from at least $109 to $159 per day. (In inflationary terms, $39.75 from 1997 is worth $65.60 today; the prices from 2019 are equal to 2021 prices.) So, like, $65.60 vs. $109-$159. Seems like a massive jump. And not even Galaxy’s Edge is enough to cover that gap. All of which is kinda heart-breaking, but we’re either cheap or poor or both, but still it’s not just the “Happiest Place on Earth,” it might be the most freakin’ expensive. (Add in hotel, air, food, and well, it’s easily one of the priciest vacations out there.) Which, well, SAD FACE.

Classified/Blast from the Past

CLASSIFIED: “Lady will exchange clothing, self, little girl, for farm butter, eggs, jam.”—The Lady.

We have questions. Like, she’ll exchange herself, her clothes, and her child for, like, uh, breakfast?

So many questions. (But, like, honestly, who doesn’t like breakfast? A lot?)

(From Punch, 19th century archives, Project Gutenberg.)

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