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New at the Shop: Time Keeps On Tickin’


By Amos Staff

Available only at amosmagdotshop

Watches, Collection One:

At our official shop on Etsy, Amos Cola, we’ve been working hard to add new items. We’re super thrilled to announce our first watch collection. All watches are unisex adult watches with stainless steel cases and silicone straps. They’re super-affordable at $22.99 with free shipping. We recommend collecting them all but maybe that’s just us, because yeah, we totally want them all. We’re very excited to design the second collection!

From left to right, top to bottom: Black/Neon 90, Black/Multi, Black/Monstera Pop, White/Flamingo, Yellow/Multi, White/Monstera Pop, Pink/Flamingo, White/Pastel, Pink/Pastel.

Easy link for shopping and checking us out: CLICK HERE

Originally published March 10, 2021. These watches are still available. And we’re still looking forward to designing the second collection. We’ll try to make these available here on Amos-Cola as well, soon. Updated 16 Dec 2021.

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