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Be Our Guest. Be Our Contributor. Have a Page of Your Own. Get an Ad:

Love to write, podcast, or create video? You can be a contributor for Amos. Contact to join, ask questions, or express concerns. You can also submit content directly to or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Sure, you could submit your podcast, video, or novella to YouTube or SoundCloud or Amazon or your own site. But why would you want to do that when you could be officially a contributor to Amos-Cola? Want to submit up to three pieces? You’re a guest. Want to be a contributor? Contributors split the profits evenly amongst themselves. Sure, we reserve the right to edit content and images. But still, you always have the final say as the creator. So, what are you waiting for, you, person with ideas? Contact us. 

How do we figure profit? Easy, income less expenses equals profit. We do all our math effective December 31 of every year. All balances reset to zero every January 1. (If income drastically increases, we will exchange our annual financial model for a quarterly method.)

How do you maintain contributor status? Contribute at least one piece (video, audio, or textual) every six months (this is after you have contributed at least three things). After six months of inactivity, the editors of Amos-Cola reserve the right to temporarily move you to guest status and delete some or all of your past content. (If we are in love with your content or it still has relevance with readers as measured by clicks and shares, we will retain you as a contributor even without new content). You can double-check your status at any time by visiting the contributor page which will either not mention you, list you as a guest, or include you as a contributor.

Want an ad, widget, or some social media promotion or content creation? We can help you. Contact us.

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