‘Round Every Here Rolls the Sphere

By Michelle Railey

Looking back to the flower orbs and indoor gardens at The Wynn and The Encore, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2016.


The title comes from Friedrich Nietzsche: ” ’round every Here rolls the sphere There. The center is everywhere. Bent is the path of eternity.”

The Wynn and The Encore were originally built and developed by Steve Wynn. Mr. Wynn has been accused of several sexual misconduct charges. Wynn and Encore are both now run by Wynn Resorts, run by Craig Billings as of 1 February 2022.

The gardens inside the Wynn/Encore complex include a carousel and a hot air balloon, both made from flowers and replenished daily. The walkway and garden with all the ”flower orbs” lies between the walkway from the carousel to the hot air balloon floral sculpture.

As beautiful as the Bellagio (also founded by Steve Wynn) conservatory is, this walkway covered in lush, fragrant floral orbs is as extravagant as any conservatory.

(We are not here celebrating Steve Wynn. But we are, if anything, celebrating the gardeners and floral staff of these resorts who make this magic not only happen but LIVE.)

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