Nine Things About Haleiwa Beach House (Review-ish By List)

By Amos Staff

  1. The view is incredible. Even on a rainy day. Perfect view of the North Shore.
Even on a rainy day the view is spectacular. The North Shore, as seen from a table on the open ground floor of Haleiwa Beach House.

2. The restaurant has taken over the space that used to be held by Jameson’s By the Sea.

3. Definitely check out the Spicy Ahi Wontons (price varies/market): delicious, crispy pillows of batter wrapped around ahi tuna and topped with scallions and microgreens. So delicious. Available at lunch and dinner. And not bad to look at. So if that’s a thing you care about…

Spicy Ahi Wontons. Delicate and weirdly filling. Just delicious. And so, so pretty. (Oh, not that spicy. Just saying.)

4. They have a purple staircase.

The interior is very airy and chic. But the highlight is sitting on the veranda with all the doors and windows open and looking at the ocean while eating really decent food.

5. Kalua Pork Grilled Cheese: kalua pork and goat cheese. Still dreaming about this. It’s so good.

As of 2022, the price of this appetizer is $13. We recommend eating, maybe, 12 of them. No entree or anything. Just this. Because: grilled cheese and fresh fish and IT’S GOAT CHEESE. So delish. Lunch, dinner, to-go. Just order this nonsense.

6.Okay. So. They have cocktails and soda and all that. But they also have a ridiculously good selection of IPAs. Most restaurants don’t have half the selection of hoppy goodness that this place does. Three IPAs on the menu, all good. Not bad for a restaurant IPA selection.

7. The Menu. Check it out your very own self.

8. Tuna Tartare: Mixed with capers, shallots and fresh herbs on top of an avocado puree, and accented with taro chips and a soy mustard emulsion, this app is not to be missed. It looks and tastes so fresh: It is fresh. Lovely to eat. Delicious textures. Price is based on market; this one is not to be missed. Refreshing and beautiful.

9. Haleiwa Beach House is on Instagram and Facebook. They currently have a 4.5 rating on Yelp.

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