Thirteen Questions With…Jimmy Haskell

By Amos-Cola Staff interviewing Jimmy Haskell.

What do you need or use every day?

“In Florida, I use a water hose daily for one and a half hours to water pets, animals, and an extensive amount of flower gardens.”

Where is the best place for you to think?

“Around friends and family and chosen family.”

You have a music background. What is the best advice you would give to a young musician?

“Practice more when you are young. Take lessons in high school. Everyone seems to hire tutors for their AP [advanced placement] classes. Just think of a private lessons teacher as a tutor for your music class.  Because this class will not only teach you about music, but life.”

Favorite ice cream flavor?

“Vanilla chocolate chip”

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?


What inspires you?

“Teachers that taught during the past three years. Two years of electronic and zoom teaching and a year after a pandemic. A time when kids really had hours upon hours on computers, not much socialization, and became a lot more secluded and lazy in many cases. The teachers that could motivate, be positive and have as normal as year as possible all have my respect.”

What are you proudest of?

“My 20 year relationship with my spouse. Best 20 years I could have imagined. The next proudest moment was conducting the Sheridan Wind Ensemble, sitting on the same stage with Carmel and Lawrence playing grade six music and receiving a superior rating. Very great group that worked hard in all facets of our program.”

Do you say pop, soda, Coke, or other?


You can invite three people for dinner, alive or dead. Who are you inviting?

“My mother, who died way early. My grandmother and Percy Grainger.”

And what would you serve them?

“Simple family-style dinner.”

What should the world appreciate more than they do?


Indoors or outside?


Favorite swear word or swear substitute?

“Now that I am retired and not around students…..For Fucks Sake seems to come out my mouth a lot.”

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