The Last Hussy

By Leonard Pigg

She was the one who got around

The same one that let you down

One of the people you grew to hate

Mad as hell you found out too late

She had no heart to call her own

Her love was in the scream and moan

The warriors came out to play

While driving the varlets away

In the human dog-pile she rose to the top

Her compulsive nature wouldn’t let her stop

Once the party was over, she didn’t feel like a lady

Later on she ends up with a mystery baby

Festering in her belly an unknown factor

She didn’t know if the father was athlete or actor

Or worse, an aspiring rapper with no real career

She hopes, at least it was the guy with good beer

If only she could remember at least one man’s name

A massive feat, given the years of shame

Abuse of drugs leave her life a bust

The trail of random lovers all lead to dust

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