Eight Things About Sport and Shave Ken, 1979-1980

He’s athletic. He’s all man.” Some of the original “pink box” art from this Ken. Curated from the internet.

1. Sport and Shave Ken was originally released in 1979/1980 form Mattel with model number 1294. This doll dates to the “Superstar” era of Mattel Barbie/Ken dolls. (In some areas of the world, this doll may carry model #638.)

2. This particular Ken model was the first Ken doll since 1976 to have rooted hair.

Two views of Sport and Shave Ken, both displaying the rooted hair. On the right, you can see both his original costume (missing the “All Star Marathon” decal) and his wristwatch accessory. Image copyright Jenjoy’s All Dolled Up Page

3. Worldwide, this Ken was known as “Rase Ken le Sportif” in Canada, as “Ken Vacances” in France, “Ken con Barba” in Italy, and “Ken Loisirs” in French/German cultural areas.

4. The idea of a “shaving” Ken was revisited at least twice with 1994’s Shaving Fun Ken (#12956) and 1996’s Cool Shavin’ Ken (#315469).

5. This doll was sold with many accessories: a marker to draw on the beard, razors/shavers, a shaving mug, toothpaste, blow dryer, comb, brush, cologne, wristwatch, and a tennis racket. His clothes were a t-shirt (reversible), yellow and blue shorts, blue pants, and a pair of blue and white tennis shoes. As of 2003, the tennis shoes alone can sell for $15.00 (U.S.).

Most of the original accessories and costume pieces (missing only a second razor/shaver and a foam sheet to replace the razor ‘blades’.) Image: Amos Media

6. As of 2023, prices for this Ken doll range from $13 (used, no accessories) to $129.99 for new in box. Sport and Shave Ken’s accessories alone have a market, as of 2023.

7. When this doll was originally released, he was available in U.S. catalogs for $7.29 ($26.47 in 2023 American dollars). Replacement markers were available by mail order for $1.50 each ($5.45 in 2023 dollars).

8. This Ken doll was exceptionally flexible and mobile: a corded waist, bendable elbows/knees, and ball joint articulated wrists emphasized the “Sport” in the Sport and Shave Ken model. The right hand also was molded to be able to hold all the accessories tightly. (Stick the tennis racket, hair dryer, or cologne, razor, toothpaste etc. in this Ken’s hand and it holds.)

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Note: There exists in the universe a 1980 TV commercial for Barbie’s Super ‘Vette, featuring Kim Fields and Sport and Shave Ken. Depending on the day and the whims of the internet, you can find this on YouTube or Pinterest.

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